Badminton League

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  The most exciting multiplayer - badminton games! Play fast-paced, authentic 1 v 1 multiplayer badminton! Grab the racket to smash, hit the shuttlecock, do a crazy smash to your opponent like badminton star!

  Customized your own character, challenging your friends in local, and be the MVP in Badminton League Tournament!


  - Multiple game modes available, play with sports fans in local

  - Create your very own character, and level - up

  - Easy to control, challenging to win

  - Simple and elegant UI design

  - Cool stunts and realistic hitting shuttlecock experience

  - Numerous gorgeous badminton outfits

  How to play with friends in WiFi Mode:

  1. Share the same WiFi or Personal Hotspot with your friends

  2. Open "Badminton League" and select 1 vs 1 Mode together

  3. Bet with coins, tap "HOST" to create a room, then waiting for your friend to join

  4. Check the name which shows on the board, then tap to join

  5. Now you will know who is the Newbie

  Oh~ Don't forget to remind your friends to download Badminton League before above operation :)

  Get this Free Badminton Game, finger swings your racket, leading the competition, astonish your rivals!

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